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AMT Cross-Over Elements

Cross-System Screw Connection using System 25 and 40 AMT Hollows:
  1. Insert a cross-system sleeve into the 40mm Hollow.
  2. Insert a shouldered dowel into the reducer sleeve adn put the 25mm Hollow on top.
  3. Insert a double chase in the 40mm Hollow.
  4. Insert a double nut in the 25mm Hollow
  5. Insert a hex head screw through the bottom of the 40mm Hollow, the Chase, the Sleeve, the Dowel and the Nut and tighten.
System 25 and System 40 Hollows will line up at 200mm intervals and may be connected with "step-down" elements (shown left).
The Cross-System Retention Bolt connects two differently sized Solid Bars or Hollows. Requires one 40 and one 25 Lock to fasten (shown right).
Cross-system Sleeve, AMT 40 to 25, 12.5mm diameter x 20mm.
Cross-system Combi Bolt, System 25 to 40. 12.5mm shoulder with M6 thread / 20mm shoulder with retention knob.
Cross-system Combi Bolt, System 40 to 25. 12.5mm shoulder with retention knob / 20mm shoulder with M10 thread.
Cross-system Retention Bolt, System 25 to 40. 12.5mm shoulder with retention knob/20mm shoulder with retention knob.
All American Modular Tooling components are manufactured 100% on the USA.