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Stylus Anatomy 101

Ball Data:

  • Balls are grade 6 to 10, depending on diameter. Refer to our Technical Data for more complete information
  • Available ball materials:
    1. Ruby / Sapphire (AL2O3, monocrystalline)
    2. Ceramic (AL2O3, polycrystalline)
    3. Silicone Nitride (available on request)
    4. Other materials are available

Ball / Shank Assembly:

Drilled/Pivot mount stylus illustration

Pivot Mount: A drilled ruby is glued to the reduced end of the pivot at shank end.

Solid ball mount stylus illustration

Solid Ball Mount: An undrilled ruby is glued directly to the end of the shank.

  • 0.4mm and smaller diameter balls cannot be drilled for pivot.
  • Drilled ball / pivot mount designs are recommended for 0.5mm and larger diameters for long life and durability.

Quick Reference Ball Diameter Coversion Chart:

Metric (nominal) 1.5mm 4.0mm 6.0mm 12.0mm 25.0mm
Decimal 0.62" .125" .250" .500" 1.00"
Fraction 1/16" 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" 1"

Shank Materials:

Carbide: Stainless Steel:
Sub-micron deflection Durable
Small diameters Lowest cost
Non-magnetic Wide-spread acceptance
Ceramic: Carbon Fiber:
Zero deflection Great for high speed machines
Light weight Lighter weight minimizes false triggering
Easy to see Use for long configurations
Same Coefficient of Thermal Expansion as balls Non-magnetic

Standard Ferrule Designs:

  • Short
  • Extended
  • Short, conical
  • Extended, conical
  • No ferrule

PWMs diverse designs maximize strength, working length and assessibility according to your requirements.